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Microsoft 365 Across Multi Platforms

7:30PM – 8:30PM ET


Participants will learn all the necessary functions and fundamentals of Microsoft Edu 365 for nearly all platforms, creating a more efficient and engaging learning experience for students. Gain a solid understanding of the many uses Microsoft 365 Edu has including how to sync and access files across devices and sharing one device with multiple students. Microsoft 365 Edu can help you and your students learn across multiple devices, sharing files between iPhone/iPads, Google Chromebook, Windows 10, and more. 

Learning Objectives

  • Navigate M365 on Apple iPhone/iPad 
  • Navigate M365 on Google Chromebook 
  • Navigate M365 on Windows 10 
  • How to sync and access your files across many devices  
  • How to manage sharing 1 device with multiple students  

Help your Student Upload School Work 

7:30PM – 8:30PM ET


Participants will learn all the necessary Microsoft Teams Assignments tools to help your students submit assignments and upload work, creating a more efficient and engaging learning experience. Microsoft offers a wide range of tools that any student can use to streamline their work process. By uploading photos of work, screen recording and screenshotting work, and drawing and graphing with Microsoft Teams and OneNote, students easily add multiple dimensions of media to their work.  

Learning Objectives

  • Teams Assignments  
  • OneNote class notebooks  
  • Upload to OneDrive  
  • Take Photos of Work and upload   
  • Take screen recording of student and upload   
  • Take screenshots of student work  and upload   
  • Draw and graph with OneNote 

Microsoft Tools to Help Reading & Writing 

7:30PM – 8:30PM ET


Participants will learn all the necessary Microsoft Tools to help your students with reading and writing, creating a more efficient and engaging learning experience. Microsoft offers a wide range of tools that any student can use to increase their reading and writing comprehension, including Immersive reader that reads text back to the student, Office Lense to scan anything to make it digital, dictate to type what you speak, and translation tools to help with ESL. 

Learning Objectives

  • Immersive reader tool to read text back to your student  
  • Office Lense tool to scan anything from physical to digital  
  • Dictate tool to type what you speak 
  • Translation tools to help with ESL 

Microsoft Tools to Help with Math Homework

8:30PM – 9:30PM ET


Participants will learn all the necessary Microsoft Tools needed to help their student excel in the incredibly important subject of mathematics. Microsoft offers a wide range of tools that any student can use to increase their problem-solving skills, including OneNote, Excel, Teams, and Forums. With these resources at their fingertips every unit, from fractions to graphing to algebra, is easily taught, explored, and ultimately mastered by students.   

Learning Objectives

  • Excel basic formulas 
  • OneNote Math to solve algebra 
  • OneNote features how to graph 
  • Microsoft Forms how to graph  
  • Fractions and math symbols 
  • Teams integration of math apps  

Microsoft Tools for Special Needs Students

7:30PM – 8:30PM ET


Participants will learn all the necessary Microsoft Tools needed to support Special Needs Students. From translation tools to closed captioning, Microsoft Tools has everything required to create an accessible learning environment.  Functions such as word prediction, immersive reader, magnification settings, cursor sizing, and so much more are available to aid you in your quest to provide the highest level of education to students with Special Needs.  

Learning Objectives

  • Windows 10 accessibility settings like adjust mouse and cursor sizing, magnification settings 
  • Immersive reader in all of M365 
  • Translation tools  
  • Subtitles and closed caption live speech  
  • Office Lense  
  • Word prediction

INCLUDED BONUS – STUDENT ACTIVITY – Minecraft: Education Edition – Manito Ahbee Aki

8:30PM – 9:30PM ET


Students will begin to understand and explore the Anishinaabe Worldview, history, and culture through three distinct lessons from Knowledge Keepers and the Louis Riel School Division’s Indigenous Education team. Students will discover and learn about the Manito Ahbee Petroforms, ancient rock formations of animals and characters of the Anishinaabe peoples’ history and culture. The students will explore and discover the information involving each of the Petroforms and will learn about the importance of community and teamwork through choosing a location to establish a community and building their tipis, participating in a bison hunt, trade and creating food sovereignty through farming.

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