Southern Alberta EdTech Help Desk

Where you as an educator of Southern Alberta are able to come to for Technology help.

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We Support You With a Wide Range of Tools 

 – Microsoft 365 for Education  

– Google Workspace for Education 

– Apple Mac OS iPad OS   

– Adobe Acrobat & Creative Cloud   

– Kahoot, Pear deck, Waklet, Flipgrid  

– D2L, Edsby, Edsembly   

– Others available upon request 

Logics Technology – Education Technology Resource Library:

Back to School 2021 Hybrid Learning

Minecraft Pause and Play Lesson Library

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • In Edsby, can teachers print pages with student demographic information (parent names and contact info, student birthdays, etc.)?
    • NO – Only students and admins can print this info.
  • My Smart Notebook files are no longer interactive; I used to click and drag right on the SmartBoard to move things around. I’m wondering how can I get back to this way of working with the students
    • I can recommend the use of the Google platform for interaction – even for interacting on your smartboard while in-person. See link to how to convert Smart Notebook Files into Google slides.
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What Education Technology is Versus Information Technology

Information Technology (IT)

The wifi is down or it is very slow in this area of the school.  

I forgot my password to my account I need a password reset.  

I have a new student in school and they need a new email account.  

I clicked on this spam email and now a hacker has locked my email.  

I need this app downloaded on all the devices across the school division.  

Education Technology (ET)

Do you know why my changes aren’t saving for my new calendar times? 

I have a student who cannot see the assignments once I have returned them back to them.  

I am having trouble with breakout rooms in meetings? Every time I use them, I have several students who can’t get in. 

How can I get a Google/Microsoft Forms to automatically mark upcoming test.  

What can I use to schedule my parent teacher help desk.