June Logics Lesson – Cortana

Logics Lessons

Great Canadian Trivia with Cortana

Participate in a trivia activity using only Cortana to find the answers

In this lesson, you will be using Cortana, the voice assistant part of Windows 10, to find answers to a
trivia about Canadian geography. To ensure that you learn how to use Cortana efficiently, you will
not be allowed to use any other tools, web browsers or devices. The only way to find answers is to ask
questions to Cortana and click the link provided in the answer. Cortana also include a list feature. By
using Cortana on Windows 10, you can add items to the list. This is useful to create reminders or a todo list. In this case, you will need to create a list and add your answers to your list by using only your

Learning Objectives

  • Use Cortana efficiently to find answers to their question.
  • Use Cortana to create a list.
  • Learn many Canadian Facts

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STUDENTS – Pause and Play Lesson

45 minute videos for students; guiding them through an activity using a specific Microsoft tool

TEACHERS – Lesson Planning

15 minute videos for teachers; helping teachers plan for lesson deployment

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