Independent Learning with Math Tools in OneNote

This course is designed to teach educators how to use the OneNote Math button. This button allows students to see the steps to solve an equation and helps them become independent learners.

Imagine a world where you can ensure that every student has the ability to see the steps to solve an equation anytime they need. No need to imagine any more! The OneNote Math button will empower your students to be independent learners. The math button not only helps students know if the equation is correct, but it also shows the steps needed to solve an equation. In this course, educators learn how to empower students to be independent learners through the use of the math button in OneNote.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to use the math button in OneNote to solve and graph equations
  • Understand ways that Math in OneNote can support personalized learning
  • Discover new classroom systems to build student ownership of their learning

Professional Journal

How do your students learn best? Do you employ the same methods when you are learning something new? You are here because something has inspired you to learn more about using OneNote for math. If you are actually going to retain this knowledge and begin to embed changes in your current educational practice, you will need some space to take notes, reflect, copy links and keep track of any inspirational ideas.

Right now, before you begin the content for this course, go to Word Online or create a notebook in OneNote for your own learning. Of course if you have already done this, you will just need to add a section or a page for this course. At the end of this course, you will be developing a lesson within this journal to post on the Microsoft Educator Community.