The Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) helps Canadian Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) boost ecommerce presence and digitize business behind the scenes; as well as training and work opportunities for young Canadians. Logics Technology is a local IT business that is helping organizations adopt digital tools to fuel efficiency and growth.

As a Total Health Pharmacy there is an added benefit!
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STEP 1: CDAP Application
1.1 Apply to CDAP (Use a unique email for each business)
1.2 Once eligible – Fill LOGICS Onboarding Form
1.3 Sign LOGICS Agreement (will be sent to you via Docusign)

STEP 2: CDAP Report Submission
2.1 Receive Your Custom CDAP Report and CDAP Invoice
2.2 Upload PDF CDAP Report and PDF CDAP Invoice to Portal
2.3 Government will approve report and will transfer $15K into business account – approx. 2 weeks
2.4 Remit Payment to Logics Technology for CDAP Invoice

Step 3: BDC Loan Application
3.1 Apply for BDC Loan through CDAP Portal
3.2 Verify Director/Owner ID and Upload Financial Statements
3.3 Receive loan approval and BDC will transfer loan into business account- approx. 3 weeks

Step 4: Magnet Wage Subsidy Application
4.1 Apply for Magnet Wage Subsidy through CDAP Portal
4.2 Business Owner Sign Magnet Agreement
4.3 Employee Sign Magnet Agreement
4.4 Receive Wage Subsidy after Work Placement of 450 hours (37.5 hours x 12 weeks)