Logics Technology Supporting Cadets Canada in their Digital Transformation

Logics Technology Supporting Cadets Canada in their Digital Transformation

Hailey Rockandel |

The Challenge

Cadets Canada needed a partner to help them transform their 60,000 in-person education programming to a digital platform. Existing Microsoft 365 Enterprise edition users, they needed to customize their enterprise tenant to take advantage of Education edition features like assignments, assessments and collaboration tools. In addition, they were seeking a streamlined way to virtually onboard their members into specific Teams groups based on age, program specification and the results of an initial cyber security course. The final goal was to deliver training to the 60,000 members so that they were all proficient in utilizing the new platform.

The Solution

Logics Technology met regularly with the Cadets Canada IT infrastructure team to architect a technical solution for each issue. They provided mock-up examples of these in a demo environment and provided a screen recording video on how to replicate them in their own tenant.

It was determined that the best solution for an education environment within the Enterprise tenant was: Microsoft 365 Teams with OneNote Class Notebook embedded within each created team. Other solutions included using Microsoft PowerApps and Flow for automatic onboarding of members in addition to Sharepoint learning pathways for integrated learning.

The Results

A pilot of 10,000 new users were onboarded between May and September 2021. The full rollout of 45,000 more members will be added over the next 6 months. English and French training resources have been developed and are live at: CADET365 - Canada.ca

“The Cadets’ team is excited about the progress of this project and is thrilled with the outcome of the platform which will increase productivity and communication for all members. Logics Technology has been an invaluable partner in the success of this transformation and we look forward to the onboarding and end-user training of all active members.” - Captain Jeff Meaney, CD