Assisting the Giles School Migrate to the Cloud and Build Educator Technology Skills

Assisting the Giles School Migrate to the Cloud and Build Educator Technology Skills

Hailey Rockandel |

The Challenge

In the summer of 2021, Isabel Faulkner from the Giles School approached Logics Technology (LT) to inquire about improving their technology infrastructure and how to best support their users. Their existing set-up was dated, and they needed expertise in migrating to a cloud solution. In addition, they had identified a gap in their pool of teachers with ed tech skills and requested LT to supply resources to assist in classroom teaching.

The Solution

Having worked with Logics in the past with their STEM education needs, Isabel was confident that a solution to both issues could be reached. A team from LT identified the core needs of the school’s IT infrastructure design and performed an assessment of their current internet and wifi services. The project scope included migrating the existing framework on the premises (including storage and email servers in a closet space) to a trusted cloud solution using Google workspace.

In parallel, LT conducted in-person teacher PD on various topics including how to save files to the cloud, set-up a virtual classroom and effectively use ed tech tools in the classroom. They ultimately provided on-site staff the necessary resources to support their classrooms by co-teaching these tools with them to transfer skills in real time.

The Result

In the 5 months since LT became involved in supporting the technology needs at the Giles school, several efficiencies were achieved. Their infrastructure was successfully upgraded and configured to optimal standards, teachers have become more confident using technology tools themselves and students are experiencing better learning outcomes as a result!

Outsourcing LT to help with our IT and EdTech needs has allowed us to improve our overall internal systems in addition to ensuring that our staff is confident supporting our students with leading-edge technology infrastructure and tools.