CDAP Application Guide

Step 1: Apply to CDAP

Log into your CRA My Business Account

  1. Navigate to the CRA My Business Account page and sign in
  2. Click "Profile"
  3. Copy and Paste your legal name of company, number, and address for your CDAP Application (including periods, commas, and spaces)

Create a profile in the portal using a unique email

  1. Visit and click "Apply to CDAP"
  2. Start your application by clicking "Apply Now"
  3. Enter the email address you wish to use for your account
  4. Click "Create an account using this email"
  5. Create your account

*Password Requirements: At least 12 characters long and includes: 1 capital letter, 1 number, 1 symbol

*Example: "sam@CDAP2024"

*Use the same password for all CDAP Steps

Verify your email (Click on the link sent to your email)

  1. Check your inbox for the email verification
  2. Click the link in your email "Create a My Canada Business Account" indicated here, and you will be redirected to the portal page. (Note: you have 20 minutes to verify your account)
  3. Select a language

Verify identity (Sign in to personal bank)

  1. Scroll down - click "Verify Your Identity Online"
  2. Accept the Privacy notice statement
  3. Sign in with your financial institution; must be a personal bank account of the business owner/lead applicant
  4. Enter any necessary security codes
  5. Click "I Agree" once your bank account has been identified
  6. Your personal details will appear on the screen
  7. Click "Continue" to finish verifying your identity
  8. Scroll down
  9. Click "Apply Now"
  10. Enter your Business number and name
  11. Confirm "Yes" you are a director, check the "I attest" box, then click "Continue"
  12. Click "I understand" and "Continue to CRA"
  13. You will be brought to the CRA landing page

Verify business eligibility (Sign in to my CRA business)

1. Scroll down to see the sign-in options

  • Option 1: Sign in with your bank
  • Option 2: Sign in with your CRA User ID and Password

2. Sign into your CRA Account

3. Respond to any multi-factor authentication codes

4. Accept the Terms and Conditions by clicking "I agree"

5. You will see this page if your business is eligible

6. Fill out additional information about your business

7. Scroll down and check the 2 boxes

8. Click "Continue"

9. Enter your full name, accept the terms, and click "Continue"

Upload void cheque (Business bank account)

  1. Enter your banking details
  2. Upload a void cheque PDF
  3. Click "Done"
  4. Click "Submit"
  5. Return to main page

Complete 41-question survey (Digital Needs Assessment) Work with Logics Technology for your Digital Adoption Plan

  1. Begin the digital needs assessment
  2. Enter your Industry sector and Business name
  3. Begin the digital needs assessment (41 questions)
  4. Click "Submit" to finish the assessment


* The applicant must be a shareholder

The applicant must be able to login to their "CRA My Business Account" (not a representative, must be the shareholder profile)

STEP 2: CDAP Report and Invoice Submission

Receive your custom CDAP Report and CDAP Invoice

  1. You will receive an email with subject CDAP Submission - Company Legal Name
  2. Make sure to download the attached report and invoice PDF
  3. Click on the "Please login to portal here" link when ready to upload

Upload PDF CDAP Report and PDF CDAP Invoice to Portal

  1. Navigate to the CDAP portal and sign in
  2. Scroll down
  3. Click "Upload your Plan & Invoice"
  4. Upload your Digital Adoption Plan - click "Upload File"
  5. Select your Plan and Click "Open"
  6. Click "Done"
  7. Next, upload your Invoice - click "Upload File"
  8. Select the Invoice you received from Logics Technology and click "Open"
  9. Click "Done"
  10. Enter the final cost of invoice ($16,950)
  11. Scroll down and answer the mandatory survey questions - your responses impact this program
  12. Check the "I attest" box and click "Submit"
  13. When you refresh your page, you will see a completion message acknowledging that your Grant claim submission has been received - you will also receive a confirmation email

Government will approve report and transfer $15K into business account within approximately 2-5 weeks

  1. When your grant submission has been approved, scroll through the email to find a link that says "access the CDAP Portal main page"

Remit payment to Logics Technology for CDAP invoice (once grant is received from CDAP)

Payment Methods:

  • By cheque: Payable to Logics Technology Solutions Inc.
  • By E-Transfer:
  • Note: Please reference Logics Technology invoice No.
  • By Direct Deposit: RBC Royal Bank of Canada, Institution: 003, Transit: 08062, Account: 1008671

Please send remittance notification to:

Please include invoice number with payment for reference

STEP 3: BDC Loan Application

Apply for BDC loan through CDAP portal

  1. Navigate to the CDAP portal and sign in
  2. Scroll down and click "Apply for a loan from BDC"
  3. Select "No" to having a Client Space account
  4. Enter your financing request: If you have annual revenues of $500,000 - $5M, enter a value between $25,000 and $50,000. If you have annual revenues of $5,000,001 to $100M, enter a value between $25,000 to $100,000. Click "Next"
  5. Check off each business eligibility box and click "Next"
  6. Click "Apply Now"
  7. Enter your information in each field to create a Client Space account. Check the "I accept" box and click "Create Account"
  8. Navigate to your email and follow the instructions to finish setting up your Client Space account
  9. Answer the two legal declarations and click "Next"
  10. Enter business contact information and click "Next"
  11. Enter additional general business information and click "Next"
  12. Enter your NAICS 6-digit code. If you're unsure of your code, click "Need Help"
  13. Answer two questions about international activities and click "Next"

Verify Director/Owner ID and upload financial statements

  1. Click the dropdown menu to select the President or CEO
  2. Enter the contact information for your selected President or CEO and click "Save"
  3. Click the dropdown menu below to add Members of the Board of Directors
  4. When both a President/CEO and Board Member(s) are listed, click "Next"
  5. Click "add shareholder" (either individual or corporate) and input their contact information
  6. State if your business works with an external accountant. If yes, input their contact information when prompted

Receive loan approval and BDC will transfer loan into business account (approximately 3 weeks)

  1. Click "Add File" to upload a void cheque

STEP 4: Magnet Wage Subsidy Application

Apply for Magnet Wage Subsidy through CDAP Portal

  1. Navigate to the CDAP Portal and sign in
  2. Scroll down to Apply for a Funded Work Placement and click "Go to Magnet"
  3. Once signed in to Magnet, you will be prompted to input information about your business. Fill out all the necessary fields and click "Continue"
  4. Select the Accessibility Features your organization offers, the Organization Type, and Number of Employees
  5. Once the welcome process is completed, access the Boost Your Business Grant by clicking the blue "Apply Now" button
  6. Click the blue "Authorize" button
  7. Toggle the "I agree to the terms of use" box to the green checkmark and click "Accept"
  8. Click the "Apply for Subsidy" black box in the top right-hand corner of your screen
  9. Read through the Delivery Program Overview and click "Next"
  10. Select the fiscal year in which you're requesting funding and click "Next"
  11. Enter the necessary information about your organization and click "Next"
  12. Select any applicable equity-deserving groups. If none apply to you, scroll down and click "Next"
  13. Enter details about your work placement, including a job title and job description. Scroll down and click "Next"
  14. If you have already hired a youth participant for the work placement, toggle yes. If not, click "Next"
  15. Click "Next"
  16. Review the information you have inputted and click "Finish"
  17. Once you submit the form, you will receive a green message on your screen stating "Funding application received successfully." Your home page will also show a "pending" status in the funding application box.
  18. In approximately 2-3 weeks, you will receive a conditional approval

How to Create a CRA Account

  1. Navigate to My Business Account - Canada
  2. Scroll down below Option 2 and click "CRA Register"
  3. When prompted, enter your Social Insurance Number
  4. Follow the remaining instructions on the screen. You will need to: create a username and password, answer security questions, have last years personal tax return on hand (will ask value from line 12,000 on last years tax return to verify identity)
  5. The CRA will mail you a 6-digit access code. Once you receive the access code in the mail, return to the website and input the code to create your account

How to Add a Business Number to CRA Account

  1. Navigate to My Business Account - Canada
  2. Scroll down below to Option 2 and click "CRA sign-in"
  3. Once logged in, you will see all the numbers for the businesses you own. To add a number, click "Profile"
  4. Click "Manage Business number(s) in your profile"
  5. Click "Add a business"
  6. Enter the business number and click "Add"
  7. After entering the number, navigate back to "My Business Account"
  8. Beside Business Number (BN), you will see your number added

How to Join a Microsoft Teams Meeting and Share Screen

  1. Navigate to the Teams Meeting that you're joining. Click on the meeting, then click the blue "Join" button
  2. Click "Continue on this browser"
  3. Select "Allow" to let Teams access your microphone and camera
  4. Turn on your microphone and camera, if desired, before joining the meeting
  5. Once you're in the meeting, to share your screen, click the purple "Share" button in the top right-hand corner
  6. Click "Share screen, window or tab"
  7. Select "Entire Screen" and click "Share"

*Note if you're sharing your screen for the first time, you will be asked to turn on permissions in Settings. Navigate to your Settings/System Preferences --> Security & Privacy --> check the necessary boxes to allow your apps to share the contents of your screen.